If you choose the wrong place in the land of tulips and bulbs rot, and nothing of them will grow.Ideally, the chosen site should have a smooth surface and a waterproof layer of soil.Typically, the depth of the root system at germination of tulips varies from 60 to 70 cm, which means that groundwater should not go up to this point.Otherwise it will lead to water stagnation and decay bulblets.Also, the chosen site should be well illuminated sunlight and to be protected from the strong cold winds.The best soils for the cultivation of these fascinating plants are considered to be rich in humus, highly cultured sandy loam and loam with a neutral pH.Although you can still use other soils.So, if the "land" of sand, more water plants and make regular fertilizing.Clay so
ils enrich the coarse river sand, peat, manure and other organic additives uluchayuschimi air permeability and water permeability "of the earth."First time fertilizing the soil where the bulbs are planted, is held annually in early spring planting of these plants: at a depth of 30-33 cm is introduced organic fertilizers (other than fresh manure).A second feeding is carried out for 20 days before planting bulbs: this time the soil mix is ​​enriched with mineral fertilizers (they are introduced to a depth of 23-25 ​​cm).During planting is recommended to add nitrogen to the soil fertilizer.The optimum temperature for rooting is 6-10 degrees.At higher or lower temperatures are formed roots worse.Typically, early-flowering plants are planted in one or two weeks earlier than late-tulips.Before landing, carefully inspect bulbs.Their skin is to be defect-free and clean, and the bulb - heavy and solid.Healthy bulbs treat with 0.2% fundazol (place in this facility for 25-30 minutes), pat dry, and then put in a prepared soil.As a rule, the optimum planting depth - three heights of the bulbs, and the "density" - twice the diameter of the bulb.In mid-October, the soil is made of ammonium nitrate (the rate of 15 g per 1 square meter).Then, with the onset of frosts cover the area where the planted bulbs, spruce spruce branches: it is done to protect against rodents and freezing.In the spring spruce branches removed and are fed a mixture of soil nitrogen, it is in need of this material intensively developing during this period bulbous plant.After 10 days again fed the "land" of nitrogen fertilizers, and by another 14 days, enrich the soil with potassium sulfate.As for watering, the growing tulips on light soils watered more frequently, but with less water consumption than those bulbous plants that grow on heavy soils.