you need
  • - Hook №4;
  • - 300 grams of strong threads.
Fold yarn for knitting three times - it is necessary to ensure that the resulting sheet was strong.Begin the first row with three stitches.
Make four convex column.For it to obtain a convex lead hook to the right to the left side and the thread wound around the front.
Tie 4-depth column.To do this, move the thread from right to left and obveyte her from behind.And after finish one bar with coupling loops.Alternate sequence as long as you do not get the desired length.
Begin to knit the second row with three stitches.Then tie the four in-depth column, and after four convex.Close them in one column with coupling loops.Alternate until until knit the entire second ro
Bind third row similarly to the first and fourth row - similar to the second.Fifth series provyazyvayte same way as the first.
done on the sixth series of the displacement pattern for four column.The result should be like a displaced row.
Make rows, alternating until you do not get the desired size sheet - it will be one side of the bag.The second side is done on the same principle as the first.
Vyvyazhite valve bags without nakida for pugovichek do aerial loops.To bag looked completely finished, remember to knit the two edge rows.
Carefully connect the two paintings together hold them bound down.Handles for bags tie ordinary viscous without collar tabs.Or attach the finished straps as handles.