you need
  • - three bright flannel diapers;
  • - thin flannel blanket;
  • - eight pairs of socks:
  • - spoon three children:
  • - three rattles;
  • - about 180 diapers;
  • - tray;
  • - foil (for wrapping gifts);
  • - decorative grass;
  • - cardboard;
  • - clothespins;
  • - stationery gum and underwear elastic.
Making cake starts with the creation of the upper tier.To do this, take the seven diapers, gently roll each tube (starts to wrap with a rubber band) and secure each clothespin.
One diaper set vertically, the other six are located around it and secure with a rubber band all the paperwork.
Take the diaper, fold it so that it becomes equal to the width of height made cake tiers.Wrap
tier diaper cake design fix clerical band.
Remove the clothespins.The top tier of the cake is ready.
Take 19 diapers, each twist into a tube and secure with a clothespin.Then take one diaper, spread around six other diapers and secure eraser.The remaining 12 pieces evenly around just made all the design and re-lock the eraser.
Fold the diaper so that the width becomes equal to the height of manufactured tier cake, wrap it and fix tier band.Remove the clothespins.The second tier of the cake is ready.
Take 43 diapers, the same way every twist into a tube, lock the clothespins.Create the same composition as that of the creation of the second tier, but do not turn around his diaper and add a circle for another 24 diapers and fix all the linen band.Only then add the necessary width diaper and Wrap it made the third tier.
Then proceed to the creation of the last tier cake, three.First, make three blank seven diapers (those that did for the first tier), bind their underwear elastic band, and then in the "gaps" between the workpieces evenly insert the required number of diapers twisted so as to obtain a perfect circle.Add another circle around the diapers just created.Fold the blanket, wrap them and fix this tier.
All tiers are ready.Place the biggest circle on the prepared tray on a tier slightly smaller, and so on.
From cardboard cut out 16 rectangles width of five centimeters and a length of 15. In each rectangle slide sock.
Decorate the cake socks, inserting cardboard boxes between diapers.Likewise proceed as with rattles and spoons.Artificial turf close themselves diapers on each tier.Cake is ready for the newborn, and now it remains only wrapped in packing tape.