Learn how to crochet is easy.Meet this kind of handiwork can even kid six years.Knit may not only girls, but boys.Sometimes crochet taught in elementary school on the lessons of labor.

What you need for knitting

First you need to choose the hook and thread.The yarn should take thicker, but not too loose.The thickness of the hook should meet the yarn.For the first experiments suitable hook number 3 or № 5. This means that his head is equal to three to five millimeters.The most convenient for the beginner, perhaps, would be the hook of plastic.Keep it about the same as a pencil or pen.

When selecting the hook should pay attention to its shape.The very end of the hook - his head - should be slightly rounded.Too severe head child can prick your fingers when knitting.But too will
not go round, it will be difficult to stick to the product. hook consists of a rod whose length is typically 12-16 cm, head and beard hook.Choosing hook, you must ensure that its thickness is approximately twice that of the thickness of the selected yarn and the head and the beard is not too sharp.

process of knitting

Knitting begins with a simple loop, which is held in the left hand.The thread is on the index finger of the loop.The usual loop hook, he engages the thread.This thread must be threaded through the loop - the result is a new loop.Again entered the hook engages the thread and it is passed in a loop.Loop for a loop - and there is a chain.

Immediately after will be mastered the most important thing - a chain of air loops - you can start making simple products.By itself, such a chain can serve as a belt or cord.If the edges attach pompoms, tassels or beads, you get a decoration.

next stage - the development of the main types of loops: without nakida column, columns with one, two or three nakida.And what is the air loop - is already known.

can knit in a circle, but you can vertically.It all depends on what is conceived to link.

If you type 4 air loop, the last loop to connect the first and form a ring knit columns with nakida 12, you get a small circle.Then on these columns vyvyazat twice columns - and the circle will be more.If you make a few rows, you get a fairly simple but quite nice rug.

Another simple thing that is feasible for all beginners - this band on your hair.In this case, it recruited many stitches as you need to determine the width of the rim.Then knit rows back and forth until you have the desired length of the tape.Then, the ends have to make - and warm, soft rim ready. If alternate columns with nakida and air loops, it will openwork knit.Of the major loops can form many different patterns.

After working with the hook becomes habitual, you can move on to more complex models.For fans there are special knitting magazines and paper and in electronic form.You can knit clothing, home decorations, and even toys.Related things with their hands always pose a special warmth and charm.