inflorescence fuchsia very unusual and beautiful.The tubular corolla surrounded by 4 bright petal peep from the center of the corolla, stamens and pistil is much longer and the corolla and petals.The structure of the flower resembles a bell.There are fuchsia ordinary, double and semi-double - depending on the number of petals.We derive a great many hybrid varieties, offer any color of colors and their combinations.Fuchsias can be of any color - from white to dark red or dark purple, and colors meet any combination of these colors.
Among houseplant hybrid fuchsia is very common and there are about 200 species.The flowers are usually hybrids are very diverse in colors, corolla and calyx they contrast with each other.The shape of flowers hybrid fuchsias found tubular, trumpet-shaped, bell-shaped and urnovidnye.Double flowe
rs look more luxurious.Indoor varieties with large flowers are divided into general view Fuchsia Beautiful, but other than that, there are many other species.
Fuchsia trefoil - a low bushes, highly branched, reaching a height of 50-60 cm. The leaves of this shrub ovate-oblong, ciliate length is 8 cm, serrated edges often (but may beINTEGRAL), the top color of the leaves green and red, and the bottom - red-brown.At present pubescence along the leaf veins.The flowers are long, narrow, gathered in many-brush, color predominantly red-orange.It grows well in hanging baskets.
From magellanskoy fuchsia have their origin in a great variety of hybrids.This evergreen shrub homeland reaches three meters tall, he shoots purple and melkoopusheny throughout.Highland fuchsia, among which belongs magellanskaya very popular design for vertical windows.The flowers are drooping fuchsias magellanskoy have collected 4 in the inflorescence, axillary.The corolla tube of bright red, blue-purple petals.This species is hardy and good shelter can spend the winter in the open field.
ancestor of all classes, racemose inflorescence is a brilliant fuchsia or sparkling.This shrub stalks 1-2 meters reddish, woody at the base, and an unusually large leaves 12 cm in width and 20 in length, with jagged edges.Flowering of this species is very abundant, the flowers are pink-red, appear after flowering fruit that can be eaten.
important role in the selection and played one of the varieties of fuchsia magellanskoy - elegant fuchsia (according to some sources it is a separate species).At its home in Chile, this shrub reaches 3 meters and decorative environment grows up to a meter.He shoots drooping and almost completely bare, the leaves grow on them rarely.The flowers are located on the finest stalks, at the other end add elegance bright red thin pistil and stamens.The petals of the corolla dark-purple color, and a cup of pink or red.