you need
  • - spray;
  • - soil mixture;
  • - concrete block;
  • - pruner.
Bonsai is best to keep the open air, most species prefer subtropical climate.But the vast majority of compatriots is grown in areas where there is no way contain bonsai outdoors year round.During warmer months, the plant should be kept on the balcony (loggia), in the garden area or on the sill of an open window.In the indoor environment grow good Miert, Thyssen, Chinese juniper, citrus and pomegranate.
Good lighting - it is not just a source of energy for the bonsai, but also an important factor that shapes the principles of bonsai.Most species of tree growing in open sunny places.However, keep in mind that the midday sun can adversely affect the plant
.Place the pot of bonsai so that at noon the direct rays do not fall on the crown.In cold weather, it is desirable to plant additional lighting fluorescent lamps.With a lack of light leaves turn pale and large, elongated internodes, the lower branches give a small gain, die.
success in growing bonsai envy as the correct watering.Deciduous species in the summer need more water than evergreens or conifers.In the cold deciduous consume less water.Coniferous species safely tolerate a lack of water in the soil.It is very convenient to carry out irrigation by immersing the pot in a container of water.At the same time the soil completely and uniformly impregnated, whom the soil is not eroded.For watering, you can use tap water (separated), rainwater.Since tap water contains a lot of calcium chloride and then should be kept at room temperature for a day.Periodically spray the bonsai crown water from the sprinkler.This method not only cleans the leaves of dust, but also moisturizes the air.
Maintaining a crown shape and size of trees by means of pinching of new growths and cutting old branches.When the content of the bonsai most complex operations.Watch for increase of the shoots.Unnecessary buds and shoots are removed immediately after they emerge, not spent to tree growth nutrients to them.Timing of the operation is calculated to have time to grow back shoots before a period of relative calm.
Transplantation Bonsai - a very important point that maintains the health of bonsai.Typically, the container does not change during transplantation.The main goal - the removal of thickened roots, replacing with fresh soil.Carefully remove the plant from the pot and cut the bottom part of the root system.Then pour a new drainage, backfill fresh soil, reinforce the tree in the same position.Bonsai is an evergreen or deciduous transplanted every 1-2 years, conifers - 2-3 years.Spring - the best time to transplant when the buds.To do this, use the usual soil mix.