few words about the history of the azalea

Azalea - it is deciduous, evergreen shrub or polulistopadny with a long history and growing across the globe.Azalea is outdated collective name for several species of the genus Rhododendron.As a flowering pot plants gained popularity Rhododendron Sims (also known as the Indian azalea).

The second most popular is the Rhododendron blunt (known as a more attractive name - Japanese azalea).Rhododendrons are bred for several thousand years, and to date there are about 28 000 different varieties and hybrids.In America and Western Europe, most of the garden and potted species fell in the period f
rom the end of XVIII and the beginning of XX centuries. azaleas in Russia came in the late XIX century and initially grown exclusively in the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden.

How to keep the beauty

first thing you need to know about the azaleas - it will not survive in the apartment or house, because there it will be too hot.It must be kept in a room where the temperature does not exceed a maximum of 18 ° C.Humidity should reach 70-80%.Perfect place - a greenhouse, conservatory or loggia, as far as possible from hot batteries and radiators.

Azaleas need loose acidic soil (Ph 3,5-4,5).You can buy a special primer in the store or on their own mix acidic soil, peat and sand plus a little coniferous land.Azaleas need to be watered as often as possible, while avoiding stagnation of water.To confirm the necessity of watering, feel the ground by hand.If it is not moist enough, it's time for a shower.

Water should be snow or rain.From time to time it is possible to use acidified water.To do this, you need only 2 grams of citric acid per liter of water. Remember that contrary to popular belief, the water should not be cold.

Finally, another no less important condition for the content of azaleas - a bright diffused light.It does not tolerate direct sunlight, but in the shade it is not too comfortable.

In the warm season - from spring to autumn - azalea take out in the garden and fed with special fertilizers for rhododendrons.In the winter months, enough fertilizer every three to four weeks.

When you purchased the azalea in the store, take the time to transplant it - wait for the flowering.Thin surface roots of the flower must be maintained.They are easily damaged, so, strictly speaking, you need reloading, not change.This means that you need to carefully transfer the plant to a larger pot without breaking the clod of the earth.When transplanting the new size of the pot does not increase much in diameter about 3-4 cm.