Content Spathiphyllum

The most important condition is the heat content of Spathiphyllum.The optimum temperature for the contents of the flower should be between 18 to 23 degrees.Also, the plant is necessary humidity.One watering is not enough, so you need to spray the plant.To land is not dried up, it should be watered sparingly, focusing on soil.

If Spathiphyllum leaves are blackened, and the roots rot, it is a sign that the plant is flooded.An indication that the plant needs to be watered, is that it leaves a slightly lowered.

ground for Spathiphyllum

soil for the plants you want to mixed, so take 2 pieces of sod land, 1 part leaf and peat a

nd 1 part humus and sand, mix well.

also need to constantly feed Spathiphyllum growing at home.To do this, you can buy a complete fertilizer: 1 time per week in the period from March to September during the active growth should be added 1 g of complex fertilizer in 1 liter of water and watered your plant.

Transplanting and reproduction Spathiphyllum

As they grow the plant needs a transplant.For this flower divide into several parts, together with the root system.

can also cut apical cuttings and root them.Remember that after cutting Spathiphyllum quickly gives new shoots.

These methods can be used in the spring and summer, during the cold season to transplant the plant should not be.

Pick pots of appropriate dimensions.If you dramatically increase the diameter of the pot Spathiphyllum can not grow, because the root system is not able to evolve so as to fill all the space in the pot.

Also do not forget about the drainage layer under the ground.

Diseases and pests Spathiphyllum

In the event that you are faced with yellowing leaves of higher plants, the reason may be lack of moisture or lack of feeding, especially potassium salt.

To win yellowing of leaves, spray the plant.

In the event that the leaves turn black, the cause can also be a shortage of top dressing.These pests like worms or thrips may appear in the ground, which increases Spathiphyllum.Use special tools to deal with these small pests.