Banana dressing

Chop finely banana peel and dry it.You can pour a layer of fertilizer given during the transplant, or simply mix it with soil.
There is also another way.Crush dried chopped rind in a coffee grinder to a brown powder.You can pour it into the pot before watering plants or diluted with water and used as a liquid fertilizer.
banana dressing is good for flowering plants.Bananas contain potassium, which is needed for flowering.
Sugar dressing

Feed the flower with sugar in two ways: 1) pour a teaspoon of sugar evenly on the surface of the earth before watering;2) dissolve two teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water.This fertilizer should be carried out once a week.
Feeding of tooth powder

Most plants have problems with the root system.From drafts and watering with cold water appear root rot.Often this happens during the cold season.To avoid such problems, use tooth powder and cook fertilizer: half a cup of water to 2 tablespoons.l.tooth powder, 1 tbsp.l.copper sulphate and 2 tbsp.l.wood ash.All mix thoroughly.Move the land from the root and stem of this solution soak.Then remove the plant in a dry place and do not water a week.
Feeding potato broth

Plants are very fond of starch.Therefore, when you boil the potatoes, broth from it drain into a separate container and cool.They can be watered plants.Starch plants gives extra energy.
Coffee dressing

adds the used coffee grounds into the ground for plants.Coffee contains a lot of nitrogen, which is essential to plants.After adding the coffee does not fill the plant too hard to nitrogen evenly distributed.Coffee grounds make the soil more friable.