you need
  • - complex mineral fertilizer;
  • - gauze;
  • - humus.
grown in the gardens of good breed Aquilegia seeds.In March, prepare a container with soil, moisten the soil and spread the seeds on the surface.Sprinkle a thin layer of soil watershed and cover film so as to leave a space between the surface of the soil and the rim of the container.Place the seed container into a room with a temperature of 0 to 5 degrees.
germination Aquilegia need a period of one and a half to three weeks.Remove the foil from the germination capacity and move on lighted place with room temperature.
If the seedlings came up too often, raspikiruyte young plants so that the distance between the seedlings was not less than 5 centimeters.
In late May, the seedlings can be planted in the flower bed.Place Columbines in partial shade in the area with loose soil slightly acid and pour landing.Choosing the diminutive form of the catchment area, is left between the individual plants period of 20-25 centimeters.High Aquilegia Plant no closer than 40 centimeters from each other.
Columbine bloom the second year after planting.This plant is considered to be low-maintenance and does not require special care.If the summer was dry, regularly watering the flower garden.
spring, after the snow melts, remove the dry last year's leaves.If the roots of young plants were on the surface of the soil, carefully bury in the ground catchment and sprinkle the base of the bush fertile ground.Feed the flower garden complex mineral fertilizers.
In mid-summer, after Aquilegia bud, cut off the flower stalks have lost their decorative effect.At the plant, from which you are going to get the seeds, put gauze bags.This precaution will help prevent self-seeding.Ripe seeds can be removed in August.
Bushes Aquilegia who have reached the age of five, are losing decorative, breaking several weak groups.Dig such plants in the middle of autumn, carefully separate them and seedlings.Sprinkle the base of the bushes humus.Because of damage to the taproot delenki bloom next year.