Pelargoniums from seeds are popular because of drought resistance and endurance.They are quick to bloom, and less sick.Bloom profusely during the summer season and have a wide range of bright colors.Hybrids and varieties of seed Pelargonium can be divided into two groups:
- multiflera represent stocky compact group Pelargonium with very abundant flowering;
- grandiflera - a tall pelargoniums with flowers larger in size, but they do not bloom so profusely.
multiflera Group, a series of "Avanti F1", most ranotsvetuschaya, plant height from 30cm to 40cm.Flowers pink color several shades, pure white, red, salmon and light purple.
Pelargonium Avanti F1 series
Group multiflera series "Multiblum F1", with flowers about 3 cm in diameter, white, br
ight red, coral, salmon, red, white and several shades of pink.Pelargoniums are early flowering and a height of about 25-30cm.
Pelargonium Multiblum F1 series
Group multiflera, "Black Velvet F1", are distinguished by their unusual leaves, dark brown with a greenish rim.The inflorescences have not large.The flowers are painted in pink, pale pink, red and salmon color.
Pelargonium Black Velvet Series F1
Group multiflera, "Early Universal F1", includes a mixture of raznotsvetkovuyu height 25-30cm.
Pelargonium series Early wagon F1
Group "Maverick F1", flowers in the inflorescence size of 4 cm, a height of about 45cm.Flowers are white, coral, lavender, light and dark salmon, red, purple, bright and pale pink and white with a pink eye.
Pelargonium series Maverick F1
Group "Maverick F1", a series of "Horizon F1", the plants reach a height of 45cm.This group is characterized by a large variety of colors.Seven shades of pink, five colors with a bright edge on a white background, three unusual color having different strokes and strips ("Ripe").And colors like pure white, red, salmon, cream, orange represent this series.The flowers in the inflorescences have a large size.
Pelargonium group Maverick.