just brought out of the store room rose should get used to a new climate for it.The first thing to be done - to put it in a warm place without drafts, well-lit.At first, rose in a pot can dump the leaves.Do not panic, do not rearrange the pot from place to place, not amplified watering.This is a normal reaction to the unusual situation for the roses.Give her time to get used to.

more alarming symptom - when the flowers and unopened buds wither and leaves fall off, not only, but also turn black.It is possible that you got frostbitten instance.If any such indication rose can also be affected by pests or disease.So just bought the plant is better to hold at a distance from the other green pets - about 2 weeks.During this time, closely monitor the state of th

e plant.

cause of wilting leaves can become spider mite - often inspect the area under the leaves of the plant.That's where it starts first.The earlier found traces of mite webs, the more time you will have to take action.Affected leaves mite better break.It is possible to spray chemical means to get rid of harmful parasite - to select the best address in the flower shop where you purchased the plant.

have just been brought into the house of the plant is better to cut all the buds and leaves that rose in the period of acclimatization is not spent on them strength.Or wait for the end of flowering and cut the plant so that left only the young shoots of length from the root to 10 cm.

If, in your opinion, for successful growth room rose done all that is possible, but the leaves will still continue to wither, and runaways fromgreen become brown and shriveled doing so.Abundantly water the soil, and then dip the entire bush in water for a couple of hours.So come with cut roses.You can pour the water into a bowl and just put it in the pot rose.Moisture will penetrate into earth com through holes in the bottom of the pot.