First of all, when buying is necessary to make a thorough inspection of the pitch.In nurseries and flower shops Roses are usually sold in special packaging.Remove the plant before the inspection.

good seedling in any case should not be dry or dried up.It must contain at least three high-grade elastic shoots.It is also desirable for them were small "dormant" kidney.

Stem seedlings can be exclusively natural green with no brown or black spots.If the seedling is covered with wax, gently skovyrnite it in several places to control the quality of the stem.In places where the grafted plants should not be viewed any cracks.

Pay special attention to the root system.It should not contain rot and mildew.Well, i
f in the bottom of the plant will be attended by a small suction roots are white.

Do not buy plants roses, who have long shoots pale white or light pink.Their presence indicates that the plant is kept warm for a long time, but without access to light.Due to similar content was sprouting buds.The increase was due to internal reserves, which led to a strong weakening of the plants.

Avoid buying roses on the market or from unknown sellers.Cases of fraud.In the spring when the roses are sold without a flower under the guise of seedlings of different varieties you can buy exactly the same plant.There are also cases when Rose allegedly sold with a bud.However, the desired color bud just skillfully impaled on a stalk (the sale he simply cut off by the seller).

Buy rose only known nurseries have a good reputation.Order high quality seedlings and can be delivered by mail over the Internet.However, in this case, you should approach the selection of the seller and the method of delivery with utmost care.