How to choose a room gerbera

choosing Gerber, pay attention to the shape and color of the leaves and shoots of the plant.They must be smooth, regular shape and have a uniform color.

It is advisable to buy a young plant, as it is much faster adapt to new conditions of detention.

not buy Gerber, who was standing close to the window or door, because in these areas there are constant changes in temperature, which may further affect the state flower.

How to plant gerbera

To Your gerbera well grown and blossomed, prepare for it the right soil.To do this, take the same proportion of peat, leaf soil and sand.At the bottom of the pot put the broken shards, or expanded clay, you need to pour on top of the soil.Now it can be planted in the plant, trying to deepen the sheet outlet, and making sure it did not get the land.Otherwis
e gerbera may rot.

How to propagate gerbera

Over time home gerbera can grow a few shrubs.In this case, it is desirable to sit for several pots, each bush must have several points of new growth.

for reproduction in such a way must be used plant 3-4 years.Fully gerbera rooted within six months, and begins to bloom in about 10 months after the seating of.

to propagate the flower, you can use seeds.To do this, they first need to sprout into seedlings and then dive after the formation of 2-3 leaves.After 4-5 leaves will dive again, at that time the prepared pots.

How to care for the plant

At various times in its development gerbera needs feeding certain nutrients.During the build-up of green weight should be nourished complex fertilizers with high nitrogen content.Prepare the solution weakly concentrated, otherwise you can hurt the flower.

During flowering gerbera should be watered 2-3 times a weak solution of potassium.This dressing will make the plant stronger and more positive impact on the number and beauty of flowers.

Grooming Gerber, remember that it can not be much to fill.Wrong irrigation may lead to its formation and rotting appearance of viral infections.

Gerber - photophilous plant, so it is advisable to keep it in a room with good lighting.While in the summer the plant is better to hide from the sun is too bright, because its leaves and flowers can be burned.