you need
  • soil mixture akvagrunt
If you want to use dratsenu as an element of decor and are going to keep her in the water, take care about the quality of the latter.It should be clean, filtered.Tap water should be held in the air during the day, to rid it of chlorine.It should be changed every two weeks.The fluid level should not cover the roots more than a couple of centimeters, or shoots rot.
If you want to ensure dratsenu more professional care, buy a special hydrogel - filler, also known as akvagrunt.A hydrogel is a colored or transparent balls - polymer granules - suction large amounts of water and fertilizers.They are placed in a flower pot instead of land.Gradually, as the plant will need to absorb as much moisture and nutrients as it
needs.These synthetic substrates are sold in almost any good florist.Hydrogels are good because they do not breed bacteria.
To grow dracaena in the ground, pick the right soil mix.It must meet the following criteria: be easy, quick drying and good breathability.The ideal is considered to be a mixture of equal parts of turfy earth, sand and humus.If you want to buy ready-mix in the store, avoid those that contain peat - it absorbs too much water, and almost nothing to give back.
In no case do not spray the plants (occasionally, you can simply wipe the leaves with a damp sponge).Avoid direct sunlight: bamboo happiness prefers diffuse light and can turn yellow in the bright sun.Dratsenu enough to feed one or two times a year, this approach universal fertilizer.
Do not be alarmed if a healthy adult Dracaena suddenly began to turn yellow and fall off the leaves - they change every two or three years.You have to beat the alarm, when the plant was not only lose their leaves, and dry.The reason there may be a shortage or excess moisture and drafts and low temperatures.