Set of "the fifth fret."This method is considered the easiest and most obvious for beginners.The main principle is that if the string clamp at the fifth fret, it will sound as well as its lower neighbor in the "open" position.That is, the sixth on the fifth fret - open the fifth.When the strings are "sound the same", you will hear two sounds merge into one - in this case we can assume that a pair of tuned.Important: the principle of "the fifth fret," does not work for the third string - in this case, the role is a fourth metal nut.So: 2 (5) = 1, 3 (4) = 2, 4 (5) = 3, 5 (5) = 4, 6 (5) = 5.The first string is to set up a tuning fork, or be regarded as "already tuned" - in general, this is allowed.
Use octave.This approach is more experienced musicians who cons
istently use the "fifth fret" and are like two sounds must be "merged" into one.Do you know the notes to, re, mi and beyond.But the seven notes is not enough to reflect the whole mass of sounds, therefore, to give a name to all the sounds, at first, they are divided into several octaves, and each octave is already on the note.For example, that "A" can be either the first octave, and low: the two sound will not sound the same, but the "merge" with each other.Here's how you can check the guitar 4 (2) = 1 (0) 5 (0) = 3 (2) 6 (0) = 4 (2).By this method of verification can be attributed to the fact that 3 (9) are absolutely equal in sound 1 (0).You can hardly make a basic configuration octaves, but after an adjustment it will check to "build" the guitar or not.
Adjust using the tuner.Each string has a certain standard frequency oscillations corresponding note: this frequency determines the small computer.There are many instruments of different devices and different values ​​that accurately insist guitar «for you."Typically, tuners come in two forms: either you will need to put it in front of a guitar, or mounted on the fretboard.To set guitar with their help, you will need to select the number of strings and pull for her (to remove noise), then the display shows an arrow - to "raise" or "lower" tone.However, such a simple way of setting prevents the development of hearing guitarist, after setting - the most valuable experience in this regard.