you need
  • - guitar;
  • - or tablature tsifrovka;
  • - audio recording of the song;
  • - player.
Pinch the left hand right chord.If you do not understand the score and has not yet learned to read tsifrovki, use tablature.To begin, select a chord that is played almost one open (nezazhatyh) strings.For example, in E minor, which are clamped only the fourth and fifth string at the second fret.
second, third and fourth fingers of his right hand, connect, but so that the hand was free.The big (first) finger zadente sixth string.Spend the rest of your fing
ers on the strings from the bottom up, ie from the sixth string to the first.Keep in mind that the concept of "up" and "down" in this case is different from the domestic as sixth string is called the bottom, but in the space located above the rest.This technique is well work on ternary works - for example, written in waltz.On the downbeat take the bass, two others - spend all the fingers on all the strings from the bottom up.This fight is usually indicated by «V».
Try the same technique, but strike all the strings are not the entire right hand, but only the nail of the index finger, if you have enough strong and long.By the way, you can try to play the mediator, especially one who is going to further develop the electric guitar.
second kind of battle - when folded the fingers of his right hand moving from the first to the sixth string.This fight is designated an inverted Latin V. As in the first case, you can play with your fingers crossed, your index fingernail or mediator.
Try a more complex form of combat, when the hand with folded fingers moving alternately up and down.The thumb, as in previous cases, touches on the bass string downbeat.This option is useful for battle and bipartite chetyrehdolnyh sizes - for example, marches.
the performance of flamenco, you may face yet another embodiment the battle, when the thumb is not involved in the game.Musician fingernail forefinger perform rapid movements up and down, clearly conveying the rhythm of the dance.
musicians often use muted battle.It is denoted by an oblique cross and performed well.Left hand grab the right chord.The edge of the right hand put on the strings near the bottom nut (stand).As with other types of combat, thumb disturb bass string and nail right index finger - the rest of the string in a specified rhythm.