To Money always were carried out in the house, it is important to carefully and respectfully treat them.Note the number of signs, which will help to attract wealth.For example, coming out of the store, take the time to lay out pockets of coins.Change left in your pocket, can bring windfall profits, so try to leave a few special coins in the pockets of your clothing.For example, if you take away in the closet winter clothing for the summer period, as if by chance and put in his pocket a few coins.During the wash, of course, money should be put out of the pockets.
During receipt of an
y profit - bonuses, salaries, money gift - try to take the money with his left hand only.In that case, if you give money to a loan to someone of your friends, then be sure the bill is not passed on to you directly in the hands of man - better put them on some surface.During the contact of hands and you can pass your luck with the money.These rules have a long history, it was believed by our ancestors.
If you bought a new purse, try to spend a simple ritual to attract funds - put in any branch of the purse a few banknotes and hide the purse in a secluded place.The money should stay in your wallet exactly seven days.Another way to attract wealth - the allocation of funds in certain areas of your home.It is believed that the front door and the kitchen has a unique power.If you keep a few bills or fines on the refrigerator, it is likely that the wealth will not pass by your house.
Money love respect.Try to treat them carefully - recalculate the bills, even if you know how many of them in your wallet.Never store money in a crumpled condition - be sure to flatten them before placing in your wallet.Also, never store money in a mixed state - for each variety of currencies to designate a department.Store in a department fines and bills are also not recommended.
very important point - try not to leave completely empty purse.Try to leave at least a few coins that they have helped you to bring another income.Remember - the money will never be driven from a person who treats them badly and waits sudden wealth.Respect for and compliance with minimum rules for the treatment of cash - the success and financial well-being.