gerbera daisies loves bright sunlight.In summer the plant can be taken on the balcony, in the winter need to include artificial light.In addition, the room, which contains the flower must be constantly ventilated.

optimum temperature at which Gerbera will give you abundant flowering should be 20-25 degrees.If you limit watering pot and bear it with gerberas in a room where 10-15 degrees, the plant can go into a state of rest.

Watering gerbera Beauty Gerbera

- this is a very capricious plant, an important factor in the care of which is the correct watering.Watering this plant is necessary every day in summer and winter, you will need to use warm water (not less than 20 degrees).

plant likes to be sprayed.It uses a similar water temperatures.Watering w

ith cold water may lead to the plant in a pot die.

Transplant room gerbera

best time to transplant this beauty - spring.You will need land, sand, sphagnum (moss).The above components are taken in the ratio 2: 1: 1.The soil should be neutral, ideal for indoor plants.In no case do not add to the soil in which to grow gerbera, compost or humus.Trim this plant is not necessary.

Feeding gerbera

Remember that the mandatory rule of beauty care are frequent podkarmlivaniya.It is best to 3-4 times a month to use fertilizers with a lot of trace elements.Especially need fertilizing during the active growing season to plant grown, blossomed, and he had a healthy immune system.

Diseases and pests Gerbera

Whitefly, Powdery mildew, blight, late blight, the red spider mite - a typical flower pests such as gerbera.Various fungal diseases may indicate that your plant has a weak immune system, the soil is too wet, or the flower exposed to excessive watering.

Thus, Gerbera care at home is not so complicated.And this plant will thank you for your patience beautiful flowers.