Landing inkarvillei

Seeds sown seedlings normally after pre-stratification in March.For this inkarvillei seeds are buried to a depth of one centimeter in containers with loose substrate of sand and peat ground sheet.Germinated seeds under glass or film at a temperature of 18-20 degrees.Grown seedlings dive into separate cups.

Seedlings planted in the ground after the threat of frost has passed (at the end of May - beginning of June).Place the bottom of the landing pit for good drainage in the form of expanded clay or broken bricks, make fertilizers.Root neck recommended at planting bury three centimeters.The first time the seedlings need regular watering and shading from direct sunlight.By the way, the seeds can be planted in open ground (in April), but the bloo
ms will not begin until the second or third year after planting.

Cultivation and care

is best incarvillea growing solar stations, permissible light shading.Flower prefers well-drained, fertile and sandy soils.Water the plant sparingly, try to avoid drying out the land.The plant is quite resistant to drought, therefore, does not require abundant and frequent waterings.Make fertilizer at planting and during the period of active growth.You can replace chemical fertilizers with organic (infusion of mullein, chicken manure).Note that frequent feeding reduces winter hardiness.

autumn cut all the leaves.To prevent winterkill inkarvillei, provide easy shelter plantings.You can before winter mulch the plants with sawdust, peat or other organic materials.Incarvillea perfectly winters without shelter in areas with mild climate.It is necessary to remove the cover early to prevent root rot and damping-off of the tubers at the onset of warm weather.The flower can grow in one place without a transplant in three to four years, and then you want to update landings.


inkarvilleyu propagated by seeds, cuttings, and dividing the bush.Propagation by cuttings is carried out in the early summer.Cut the stalks and place them in a solution to stimulate the formation of roots for a few hours.Stem and leaf cuttings are rooted in the sand under the film (you can just cover with a plastic bottle).The reproduction by dividing the bush is carried out in early spring or late summer.