One of the most effective ways to extend the life of mimosa - apply to it "shock therapy", namely the lower branches for a while in hot water.To do this, you must first knock hammer on the ends of branches (cut) and how to flatten them.Then place the flowers in the jar with hot water (water temperature should be between 50-60 degrees), cover with a package and leave about 30 minutes.At the expiration of the time mimosa can get out of the water and put in a vase, and not filling it with water.After this procedure, a mimosa before our eyes "comes to life", the period of storage as it increases two to three times.It is worth noting that after doing this proce

dure, the fragrance of flowers of this plant is almost completely lost.

If the plant staid for quite a long time in the water and its color is slightly withered, they can "revive".To do this, put the kettle on, wait until it starts to boil water and steam from the spout will then hold on that ferry sprigs of mimosa in a few minutes.Keep flowers on a ferry should be at least 10 minutes, and always make sure that the flowers to themselves in any case not scald, otherwise you will not only prolong the young plants, but also significantly reduce it.

Another effective way to extend the life of mimosa - wrap it in a moist paper.To do this, prepare a thick paper, such as wallpaper, using a spray bottle, spray it with water, put on her flowers and gently tighten.Place the bundle in a cool place for three to five hours.After the specified time set mimosa in a vase and fill it with water and dissolved in it a special tool to cut flowers (can be purchased in any flower shop).Optionally, means can replace sugar or aspirin.