Varieties Dracaena

gardeners and experts has about 150 species of this plant.At home, you can find the following types of dracaena:

1. Dracaena fragrans, with a broad and glossy leaves.

2. Dracaena Dragon, which grows in height of about 20 meters, indoors - up to 1.5 meters in height.This has a powerful trunk of dracaena and tough leaves.

3. Dracaena dermskaya, are large enough, and the plant has leaves, favoring blue.

4. Dracaena Gozeffa, which is a bush with a strong branching and leaves with bright specks and dots of pink and beige.

5. Dracaena braunii, which has leaves with a reddish border.

6. bordered Dracaena, is

stunted appearance, but has a large juicy green leaves, edged with silver stripe.

Content Dracaena

Heed to the choice of place where to put your pot plants as dracaena is very sensitive to bright sunlight.From it leaves may turn yellow and start to dry, but it needs a soft diffused sunlight.Also, under artificial light this plant thrives.

requiring moderate temperature, about 20 degrees in the winter it is best to 14 degrees.

Most moisture is required in the period from April to November, when the plant is actively growing.In winter, watering should be much less.Also, do not forget to spray the plant.

ground for Dracaena

Connect in equal quantities of leaf, humus and add sand, peat, turf ground.Dracaena grows very quickly, so regular one once a year Repot young bushes, adult plants should be repotted 1 once in 5 years.

Also, do not forget that you need to use drainage.The pots are best to take the high and the transplant dratsenu winter dormant period.

Reproduction Dracaena

Dracaena propagated in two ways: by cuttings and seeds.

Cut off the tip of the stem, and a month put it in a mixture of sand and peat.Once the stem takes root, it can be transplanted into a pot.

Although Dracaena very undemanding plant, it is necessary to constantly feed.

Diseases and pests Dracaena

The most common pests are thrips, scale insects and spider mites.If you suspect these diseases treat dratsenu "fitoverm."

Remember that most of the problem with the content of Dracaena arise due to improper care.The main enemies are the lack of moisture dracaena, drafts and bright light.