go to the bath with a broom made, and each must have its own it.From the branches of a tree to do it - everyone decides for himself.This can be oak, birch, fir, juniper, eucalyptus, lime or even nettle.Experienced bathers are advised to use the birch twigs.They are easier to get, birch branches are flexible, and the leaves are strong, in general, with the most ancient times, better than they had not yet been invented.

For broom after Trinity

harvested brooms elders advised after the feast of the Trinity.You can collect them from June to September, while the leaves begins to grow coarse and yellow.

Do not cut branches of trees growing along the road - leaves absorb exhaust fumes and dust.It is better to go a little deeper into the forest.Choose young trees with flexible
elastic branches and large leaves.Do not break off the whole tree at once, maybe next year you will again come here for this.

knife or shears chop all the favorite branches of approximately the same length.What size do you need a broom - it is better to decide immediately.Someone like the big, massive brooms, and some, on the contrary, prefer to warm up a little.

collect the necessary number of branches - sit down to knit brooms.First shears remove all the leaves and branches below - it will handle the product.Further broom each stack so that it is not too broad in circumference and at the same time sufficiently lush.Try to lay down their branch-type fan, to capture the area was great.

try the product for yourself, imagine that you are in the bath and gently postegayte his leg.As required, adjust the broom, adding a further branches or remove unnecessary.

Formation broom

If satisfied - brooms ordinary twine tie up two places to tie the knot bow.This is because when a broom is dry, its volume will decrease, respectively, so will need to untie the rope and again tight win.Now shears cut all unnecessary near the handle to the broom was convenient to use.At the request of the right length to trim the upper part and a broom.

every broom hangs separately by hooking the hook for the string, you can use ready-made or make yourself from wires.Brooms stored in a dry, shaded place, usually on the hook for hanging twine stretched separately.In no case do not put them together - they just dry up and become unusable.

Before you use a broom in the bath, zaparte it for a few minutes in boiling water to steam the leaves, unfolded.After that, a broom ready for immediate use.