first failed marriage

Masha Malinovskaya was born and educated in Smolensk.After high school, she went to college, and almost simultaneously a modeling agency.It began a rapid career in modeling and Mary decided to move to Moscow.

In the capital Malinovskaya met her first husband - Sergei Protasov.However, the fairy tale family life did not seem long.At the request of the wife Masha transported across the border a large sum of money, and when the guards she was detained and sent to prison, it turned out that his wife out of prison disembarrass Sergei is going.

Almost overnight she loses everything - family apartments, money and work.Maria lives with her friends and begins to look for a new way to earn money.On the advice of friends, she is casting broadcasters.Since she appeared on the channel MTV.Malinovskaya begin to receive numerous proposals recognize her on the street, was invited to the capital's most striking event.Masha gradually turns into a real socialite.

second error

In 2009, all the glossy magazines were full of news - "Masha Malinovskaya getting married."Chosen beauty-Denis has become a leading Davitiashvili.Couple appointed wedding day, many sources have to say about pregnancy Masha.However, the marriage ended after only a few years.

Periodically, the press began to appear numerous articles that family Malinowska are constant scandals, beatings, and betrayal.In addition, it appears that the former girlfriend of Dennis pregnant.Family idyll ended in yet another divorce.

Short Novels

two marriages Masha Malinovskaya personal life is not limited.After his first marriage elect Masha became rapper Taras, and most recently near the socialite appeared a young hockey player Ruben Begunets. traditional pre-wedding gift in the life of Masha Malinovskaya a car.Such surprises girl gets three.

In addition, the life of Masha and the failed marriage was the owner of a large company - Evgeny Morozov.For unknown reasons, the wedding was canceled almost at the last moment.

most beloved

After prolonged unsuccessful attempts to establish a personal life, Masha Malinovskaya decided on the most important step - the birth of a child.Masha's son about his father for a long time nothing was known.

In an interview, Mary said that she gave birth to a child by Chechen businessman, whose name does not consider it necessary to disclose to the public.After Malinovskaya became a mother, her life changed again.She regained her natural appearance, began to appear in smaller secular parties, and all his spare time gives the most beloved man - the son of Myron. Masha Malinovskaya starred in several movies and was the author of "Men are like machines."

Now Masha Malinovskaya - MP, actress, presenter, businessman.In addition, "Mmasha" was also well-known DJ and began singing.