you need
  • A computer with computer games, mouse or game joystick.
Start the game on the computer.Open the Settings section, and then enter the sub-menu - "View".
Set the check box next to the function "Show sight on the screen."
confirm your choice press Enter.Start the game with the help of either "Continue" or "Start a new game."For players in the CSS - Ā«Find Server" or "Create a server."
During the game by using a computer mouse or joystick, and simulators, for example, management of combat aircraft - with the helm, managing guided the chosen weapon on objects and enemies using the installed screen sight and activate the button "Fire. "
When using modern graphics cards with 3D effect, you need to enable the inclusion of sigh
t in the video settings menu and turn off the game, so as not to cause them overlapping.During the game prichel included with a combination of office keys listed in the menu card.