Purchase a special permit (license) for fishing, the list of which will be included and beluga.Remember to obtain such a license before contacting the relevant authorities, need to have some cash reserves, as well as an identity document.
Select powerful snap-catching with reinforced coil, since the mass of the future of the catch can be unpredictable.Buying gear for catching sturgeon is best to take the help of a professional counselor or store fishing gear.
Select a place where there is a shell rock, there is the king-fish catch.Prepare the boat or the boat, be
cause this fish is found at depths to catch and it can only be through the swim at depth in a special facility.
Catch live bait, which can be a roach, herring or other head of the fish fillets weighing up to a kilogram.It is important to know that the beluga has poor eyesight, so Primakov scales must be very shiny, and for that it should be changed after some time (after two or three casts), if the fish are not pecked.Glitter tips the scales should be fresh and bright.
Throw tackle and wait until the rod starts to twitch a little and subsequently bent into an arc.Remember, hooking right at the twitches can not swallow deeply beluga should gain.
made a small flick of the sweeps, but not otherwise sharp caught fry could be derailed.After the first cuttings, perform a series of small cuttings, one after another.
Begin to pull the fish.Know a giant like beluga, strong enough, and has enough strength to several hours to carry your boat in the water.Do not give up!Pulling the fish on board the vessel, immediately turn it over on its belly.In this state, beluga dies and ceases to beat the rush and its huge tail.