Download emulator.This is - a program for your PC that allows you to run any game with Dendy.The most simple and convenient handling is VirtuaNES.In the torrent trackers, you can find whole files, including directly to the emulator and nearly all of the game for him - such an archive takes about 2 GB.One emulator "weighs" less than 2 MB.
Unzip the downloaded archive and install (if necessary) program.Open the destination folder, find the file there VirtuaNes.exe and open it.You will see the "environment", which will allow you to start the Super Mario Brothers.
Make sure that the "image" of the games you already have.You can download it on the site dedicated platform, of which today are many
.If you initially downloaded the emulator with a set of games and the "Mario" There certainly is: check the file folder format .nes.
in running environment, click on the item «File» - & gt;"Open" and locate the file in the game's relics were opened conductor.The game will start immediately and go to the main menu.Please note that it is not a copy, but the original version.
Gameplay is to move the main character from left to right, at the end of the level.Collecting coins is optional, though useful: for every 100 you get an extra "life", ie,the ability to die.Remember, when all life will end - will have to start the game again.
Look secrets."Mario" is filled with dozens of bonuses and hints that in some areas of broken bricks fall out coins;in the green tube can descend by pressing the "down";sometimes you can climb to the upper limit of the level and get to the secret area.
Avoid enemies, but look for improvements.One of the principal of your "goals" should be the search for "mushroom" and "stars", because the first allows you to increase in size and shoot, and the second - to become invulnerable.Needless to say that playing so much easier.