you need
  • - the current account in one of the official servers LA2;
  • - a client program to connect to the server;
  • - internet connection.
Prepare character for pumping SA.Boost your character level to 40 or higher, having quests in the early villages by doing quests for the first and second shift of profession and implement pumping at the appropriate level monsters.
Go quest "Strengthening weapons» ("Enhance Your Weapon" in the European and North American servers).Move to Giran, Oren or Aden, using a syst
em of teleports available through dialogue with the NPC like "Gatekeeper."Follow the guild of magicians in Giran and Aden or in the Dark Elf Guild in Oren.Use the dialog interaction with one of the following NPC for the passage of the quest "The Grand Master Jurek" (Giran), "Master of Gideon" (Oren), "Master Vinonin" (Aden).Upon completion of quests in the inventory will be crystal special features of the selected color.Crystal will have a level of 0.
Pump SA to 10 level by hunting monsters.There are several locations with monsters of different levels, which is available for pumping SA.The higher the monsters, the greater the level of SA can be obtained when hunting them.Before you take out the crystal hunting equipment to the panel.When hunting wait until the monster's HP level falls below 50%.Activate SA by clicking on the appropriate cell panel.Kill the monster.With some chance to increase the level of SA.
Hunt in the location "Zastava Timak" to raise the level of SA to a maximum of 3. The location of the "Forest of Mirrors" and "Gardens of the Goddess Eva" is available for pumping SA to level 5.The location of the "Devil's Island» SA can pump up to level 6, in the location "Forgotten Plains" to the level of 7, and in locations "battlefield", "Watcher's Tomb" and "Tower of Insolence" - up to 10 levels.
Pump SA to level 11-18, participating in campaigns in conventional and epic raid bosses.Currently the game has 123 raids and epic (including instanced) raid boss, which may raise the level of SA above 10.