Before hunting is necessary to determine the place, as some sections of forest are allocated to the space for recovery and relaxation game, and as a result of hunting in such areas is prohibited.You also can not hunt in reserves and reserves.

Secondly, you need to be in possession of all necessary permits, and that:
- hunting license with a note about the paid membership fees for the current year;
- a license to carry firearms;
- acquiring tickets to a hunting society for shooting a rabbit (a ticket must be purchased in the territory of the hunting society, where you will be hunting).

Bezruzheynaya hunting

When hunting hares with dogs, in some cases, you can not use a gun.This type of hunting is called bezruzheyny.Your arms, sometimes much more effective than a gun, well-trained dogs will breed Russian Borzoi.

To release the hounds only with a hare and go back as soon as the animal had gone wrong.A trained dog must confidently go on the trail, bringing the hunter to prey.

hunt with such dogs can only be in the fields, because these dogs are chasing the hare develop speed of 100 km / h.After the game they catch her strangled.Subtract production can only rewarding the dog, so lay up delicacy and generous hvalbu.

Hunting with a gun

Another way of hunting - hunting with a gun and dog breed Russian piebald hound or Russian hound.These dogs hunt in a pack and basically kicked the hare directly to the hunter.At the same rut hare they accompany barking that allows the hunter to quickly orient themselves in the forest or in the field and ready to fire.But inexperienced hunters often shoot down the dog and his own.

Still hunting for hare used Laika East Siberian rock or Eastern European.Huskies chase a hare, accompanying shrill bark and chase the beast into place, cutting off the way to escape, or surround, so that the animal can not escape.

Errors beginning hunters

Error novice hunters and that they do not encourage the dog or give as a bonus treat.Remember, feed and touch the dog while hunting is prohibited, promoting in this case - it's screaming and whistling.So you designate that the dog acts right and the owner close.

Start search hare hunting with manhole, this may also help the dog, but if you came to the land, just check with the local ranger.The dog can also be put on the manhole.Do not put

and large circles.Beljak usually walks the middle circle and the hare takes up to 4 kilometers.With a large circle, even if you are hunting in a group of 6 people, do not have the opportunity to catch the seed.You should always hear his dogs and they were able to distinguish driven game or herbs.