Establish new models of weapons.Download the archive with the addition and unpack it: within the format of the files must be .mdl, .wav and .spr.The first - a model of weapon, the second - the sound of the shot, the third - the picture in the "shop".Open the root directory of the game, go to the folder cstrike: folder inside will be models, sound and sprites - move files to supplement them (mdl in the models, wav to sound, spr in sprites).Note that the installation of the modification does not add a new weapon, but only replaces the old (leaving unchanged its characteristics).Therefore, for example, when two model M-16 in the game will affect only the latter.
Replace character models.Setting this kind of add-ons s
imilar actions in the preceding paragraph: in the downloaded archive file format will be .mdl, to be transferred to the folder cstrike - & gt;models - & gt;player - & gt;#, Where the latter is called a file folder.If you're downloading a set of models, probably, they will be immediately stored in a folder models, which should be copied to cstrike, replace the files in the case of coincidence.
Expand game new locations.In Counter-Strike can add an unlimited number of additional cards to play.Each of them will be decomposed into three folders: maps (right level), models (model, and unique texture level) and sound (music and sound level).Copy the folder should be the same as before - at / cstrike.
Try installing a large modification of the directly-shifting gameplay.For these mods there are some limitations - so one copy of the game you will be able to establish only one modification (to have on hand a few different options, install multiple copies of the game).In addition, you must have installed and configured the server to play on the Internet.Directly setting the fashion happens copying the files to the directory of the game.