Go outside and watch the role-playing in a role-play children.They instinctively do everything right.The game world is they have clear boundaries.That kid shows a seller or a cosmonaut, he tries to speak and voice intonations of his character - as he himself is.Vendor he saw in fact, it may be better to imagine, so the image is obtained more accurately.But the child was called home - and it instantly became himself, and speaks in a different voice and other intonations.
Learn the story of the game.Usually it develops a wizard that
determines the storylines and the basic requirements to the characters.If this game is a literary work, your job is simplified.The book should be read to start paying attention to the details associated with your character.Who is he?What words uses?What is his character?With what intonation can say such a person?
are going to participate in the historic game , how to study the era.Which stratum of society belongs to your character?What are the rules of etiquette have been taken at this time in that circle?As your character was talking to his peers, the king, with the peasants?How he behaved, hitting unexpected situation, which the game can be a lot?Think through these moments is necessary for the live-action games, and online games.
unfamiliar words, if caught, it is better to learn beforehand.It may be the names of settlements, weapons, household items, and in the online game - even special terminology adopted between experienced players.Of course, it is possible to learn in the process, but then it will be difficult to immediately fit into the gaming world.
Try to imagine yourself a character and say a few words in front of a mirror.Of course, immediately get into the role, and you can not get it because we needed the appropriate disposition, which usually create all the players together.But still think over the words and intonation.
During the game, try all the time to speak as a character has to say.If you will use your common words and talk with the usual tone, it will mean that you are out of the game.Do not get lost, even if there was something unexpected.Randomness can be planned by the wizard.
Do not be surprised if your lexicon in game is absolutely not the same as usual.So it should be.But we should not continue to talk in real life the way it makes your game character.Around you may not understand.