you need
  • - sharp pencil;
  • - paper;
  • - eraser.
easiest to draw the eyes of a kitten in the anime style.It is not realistic, but his eyes drawn in a style, a very expressive and a little sad.Draw on the muzzle kitten two large circles - is the future of the eye.Create your pupils, it is also simple black circles.For greater effect, add highlights - at the bottom of the eye to draw the two circles is less than the pupil, both glare should be of different sizes.That's all.But this method is not suitable for those who want to make your kitten in a realistic manner.
How to draw a cat eye
Draw head kitten.Draw two lines, horizontal and vertical.They shared the head into four equal parts.At the intersection of the lines will be the bridge.The eyes should be on a horizontal line so that this line is divided in half.Draw eyes them
selves (simple circle), slightly receded from the vertical line.The size of the eyes should be large, like real kittens.You can not draw my eyes slanted, cats almost can not rotate them, so have to turn his head.
How to draw a cat eye
When the sketches are created, make a slightly lowered the upper eyelid.Outer corners of eyes must be on a horizontal line.Internal corners should be slightly lowered towards the vertical line.Whites of the eyes in cats is not visible.Pupils change size depending on the lighting.In a dark place round the pupils, in the light, but dim - slightly expanded in a very bright place pupils turn into the narrow black stripes.Erase the extra lines.
How to draw a cat eye
light falls equally on the eye, so the glare should be drawn in the same place in both eyes.You can draw a kitten in a little primitive version.Eyes, in that case, will serve simple vertical rods.If you make them squint, you get a kitten of the Asian species.Another simple option of drawing the eye - simple ovals and circles, painted the color you want, and a black dot or line pupil.
How to draw a cat eye