you need
  • Hook №3, acrylic thread of white, yellow and green colors, as well as a thread in any color for the first motive
The simplest and easiest option squareHere's a motive:

1.Nabrat chain of 12 aerial loops and connect to the ring

2.Dalee knit as follows: seven columns with two nakida four aerial loops (repeat this manipulation even three times), and then cut the thread.Small square ready.If you impose such a lot, it can be connected on a figure and get good-looking and original vest
next tune a little more complicated, but its appearance is worth a little effort.So:

1ryad: The common thread yellow dial and connect to the ring a chain of 12 stitches

2ryad: Knit in a circle, three columns with two
nakida, two air loops and again three columns with two nakida (repeated as 6 times).
3ryad: Knit white thread in each arch of the two air loops one lush poles, picking between a chain of four aerial loops.It should get 9 petals.

4ryad: To each arch of the four stitches filament green knit four columns with two nakida, between dialing alternately first chain of four air loop, then two - repeat until the end of the series.

5ryad knit as follows: in two columns nakida previous row between which two air loops provyazyvat simple columns.And in the chain between the posts of the four air loops provyazyvat - column, four columns with two nakida, two air loops, four bars with two nakida, column (to repeat the first to the end of the series).
6ryad: tie a square on the perimeter columns by simple green thread.Cut the thread.

If we combine many of these squares and tie openwork pattern, you get a nice tablecloth for questioning.And, if you make more motifs, while connecting them differently (depends on your imagination), you get a very funny and cheerful bed for the baby cape.