buy analgin and gidroperit.These tools are sold in virtually any pharmacy, so finding them is not difficult.Mixing these drugs gives us the desired effect - the smoke with a pungent and unpleasant odor.Analginum rubs two tablets into a powder and poured into the prepared container.Gidroperit also shred and add to the same vessel.Just keep in mind that the reaction between these drugs occurs when the temperature rises.And the normal body temperature for this is already more than enough.So do not keep the mixture in the hands of too long, better get rid of it and watch from a safe distance behind the smoke and the reaction of passers-by.
There are several tools which can cause mixing of the smoke.Take a tablet of activated carbon, a couple of sachets of 15 g of potassium permanganate, two boxes of matches.Coal is
ground to a powder, into a container (e.g., a cylindrical plastic box on the film).There also pour pounded potassium permanganate.Be careful with potassium permanganate and avoid contact with skin.The smallest grain of sand can cause a chemical burn.Scrapes with sulfur matches and add the same storage capacity.And then just set fire to part and waste five meters.As a result - sparks, smoke and peculiar odor.Potassium permanganate give sparks of purple or maroon color.
But the third method of preparing a homemade smoke bombs.At the craft store buy saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal.Coal take to the pharmacy.Mix these ingredients in such composition: nitrate - 3 parts, sulfur - 1 part activated carbon - 2 parts.We add to this composition of the water and stir to have a thick mass.Nuisance carefully, then dried in the sun until the water evaporates completely.It is important.What happened after drying, ground into powder and pour into the prepared paper tube small.The tube is sealed tightly paper gag, the powder was not scattered.We ignite our "dymovuhu" and throw it aside.It is necessary to stand and watch it burn long and smoky.