Pick the Internet site directory available online broadcast TV channels.Such web resources on the network, you can find a large number - both in the Russian segment and in foreign languages ​​- a reference to the one shown below.Most of them offer a view of transmission using the built-in page of the site flash player, so you do not have to download and install any additional software.
When viewing using controls flash player.Many web-resources of this kind create its own version of the player, so the available options may vary.The minimum set includes the ability to adjust and complete shutdown of the volume, and s
witch to full-screen or standard size.The initial value of the image of small players, often 720 to 540 pixels, so expanded to full screen image becomes a distortion.
little better quality television picture can be found on sites that do not organize the translation, and offer to everyone the conversion program available to them in streaming video channels.To view these broadcasts requires a special program - one of the most common is called SopCast.Most often amateurs who organize broadcasting of TV channels available to them, going to the niche sites - for example, there are web-based resources, where fans exchange football matches and television.A link to one of them, too, see below this article.
From this site you will find the link and the explanation that it was broadcast on the Internet by its author.Click on the link and application SopCast with tiny screen preview will be started.You can expand it to full screen or forward to a standard video player installed on your operating system.