cozy atmosphere in the room or around the home can be created by a decorative ceiling light, we suggest you make your own hands.This unusual lamp will decorate the recreation area of ​​your home.

Depending on the choice of the type of attachment, the model of the lamp can be floor, wall or ceiling.

To make the lamp you will need these materials:

  • plastic cartridge standard sizes - 1 pc .;

  • fastening plastic ring - 1 pcs .;

  • CD with pre-cut holes for cartridge - 2 pcs .;

  • stranded copper wire size 1,5h2 - 1 m .;

  • reinforcing ring zazhimov- 2 pcs .;

  • hard tulle - the length of 4,5 meters, a width of 2 meters;

  • plastic socket - 1 pc .;

  • energy saving lamp - 1 pc .;

  • Lycra - 10 * 10 cm .;

  • copper tube with a diameter of 8 mm - 1 pc.

Harvesting ceiling lamp - a creative process, much depends on the degree of

hardness of tulle.What color you decide to make a lamp - a color tulle must be purchased.

necessary to cut 5 from tulle parts which are circular with a removed inside diameter of 20 cm opening. The outer diameter of the circle is reduced by 20 cm with respect to the preceding one.

Parts made of tulle stacked decreasing, aligning the sections of the contour of the inner hole.All 5 laps to seal Basting stitch width of about 1 cm, the material is gathered on the thread tightly as possible.

important - giving head for a truly beautiful art form.

lamp assembly.

Thread the wire through the copper tube and bend it, giving it the desired shape.Attach the cartridge to the cord.Screw one ring - clamp down on him and put on a CD - ROM.Attach the ceiling, made of tulle, to consolidate his second CD - ROM with reinforcing ring - clamp.Clutching tightly all the details of the ceiling - fix them ring.

on the opposite end of the cord to wear cap, pre-covered Lycra.A cord attached to a hook on the ceiling and in compliance with safety regulations to connect to electricity.

In order to fire, before installing the lamp should be checked.To do this - to connect a lamp for a few hours and check to see whether the tissue is heated from the ceiling bulb.