you need
  • - 6-string guitar;
  • - tsifrovki;
  • - tablature;
  • - determinant of chords.
Locate the sounds of C and B-flat.They are side by side on the fretboard, and some of these chords can be taken using the same fingering, holding barre on adjacent frets.Think of how to construct a 6-string guitar.Find all the sounds of the strings in B and B flat.Calculate all positions.You can even sketch them, to make their own tablature.
Put large barre on the first fret.Pinch the middle finger of the second string at the second fret, little finger and ring and - third and fourth on the third.It is useful to remember numbering fingers guitarist different from the piano.The index f
inger is considered the first, middle, ring and little finger - respectively the second, third and fourth.Corresponding Western tsifrovke bm take a similar way, but not a big barre put on the first fret and the second.The Russian musicians of the chord more often referred to as hm.
Teach a few more options that barre chords.Try to hold the index finger all the strings on the fifth fret.In this case, the fourth and fifth strings are pressed at the eighth.The most convenient way to set this option Chord second and third fingers, but you can use the third and fourth.For the "Western" bm move the finger in one way closer to the resonator.Accordingly, the middle and ring should also move one way.
Barray can take, and on the eighth fret.Place the middle finger on the first string at the seventh fret, third ring clamp on the tenth, and the little finger - the second in the eleventh.While maintaining the same position, move the arm in one way toward the outlet.Turn B minor chord.Barre allows you to take almost any chord, using the same arrangement of the fingers.So try to put the other chords, "walk" across the fret and without changing the fingering.
Try playing a chord without the barre.In this case, part of the string will remain open.On the first fret tighten fifth string.The most convenient way to do this forefinger.On the second fret hold the second and fourth, and the third - the third