you need
  • -petushinoe pen;
  • -sherstyanaya thread;
  • on decorative metallic thread;
  • mounting thread;
  • -vodostoyky glue;
  • -bystrosohnuschy clearcoat.
Make workpiece.Fix the jig in the clamp.Saturate the mounting thread adhesive to the body of trompe l'oeil from sliding on the smooth surface of the hook.In addition, the snag in the adhesive can serve as the basis for much longer.
Put some glue on the paper, dip the cut yarn and glue, holding the thread with your finger, pull it through the glue.Clean fingers, wipe wi
th a cloth;During this time, the thread is impregnated with glue and even dries.Wind the thread turn to turn away from the body to the middle of hooking jig hook.Be sure to leave loose ends long enough to secure the future of the remaining elements trompe l'oeil.
Shape body.First on the shank of the hook, from the jig, put a wool yarn segment, then a piece of decorative thread, and finally attach the base of the pen.When you apply the pen, make sure that the outer box was drawn to tsevyu.This situation will determine the correct winding of a pen on the final stage of creating a trompe l'oeil.Those end mounting thread that was left from the jig, fix 'sandwich' on the hook a few turns around the forearm.Now cut off the excess portion of the filament, impregnated with glue.
Now wind the yarn from the jig to bend the hook, so that on the shank of the hook turned thickening.Bring the yarn to the hooking, secure the edge of the mounting end of the two turns of the thread.You make the body trompe l'oeil.
Breathe life into your fly, give this kind of blende to being in the water, she moved in front of the fish as a living organism.Take a decorative thread - povihu and cock feather.Make a decorative thread 3-4 turns on the body of the fly.
Now several turnovers montazhki fix povihu on hooking and cut its remainder.Wind stylus to lay down his rod between turns povihi not covering it.Secure the end of the pen on the hooking mounting thread.Gently pull the needle barbs, which received squashed.
with varnish and a thin brush fix fixing winding.Let snag dries.