Find Microsoft Office Picture Editor at the following path: Start - & gt;All programs - & gt;Microsoft Office - & gt;Tools Microsoft Office - & gt;Microsoft Office Picture Manager.Load a photo by choosing File - & gt;Open.
Brightness / Contrast.If, as in this case, the brightness is insufficient, then we can correct it by clicking the menu item Change - & gt;Edit Pictures - & gt;Brightness and contrast.In this menu, we can choose manually the values ​​of contrast and brightness, which we like.
Crop.In order to cut only part of the image, go to the menu item Return to the changing patterns and se
lect Crop.Here, the size of the cut piece and its location can be adjusted manually or by setting the corresponding numerical values.
Rotate and flip.In this editor, you can also rotate the image by a predetermined angle or a mirror to reflect it left to right or top to bottom.
compressed size.Sometimes, the picture quality is excessive and you to send it by e-mail or published on the website, it is necessary to reduce information volume.This may also be due to the limitation of space on your hard drive or a removable media.To do this, use the menu item Change the size of the pattern - & gt;Compress Pictures.This function allows you to compress the image for documents, e-mails or web pages.Pick the option that you need.Externally, the image does not change, but can become a little less dramatic.