you need
  • - cotton yarn or wool yarn;
  • - hook.
Start knitting pattern with the right edge of pico finished product (as an option - made a hook or knitting a few rows).You must first make a small chain of three air loops.Move the working tool in the right hand as if you draw them.
Enter a hook into the upper handle of the loop located before the start of the chain.Then do one to throw a loop.Pulling it, do the following nakida.
Now you need to drag the working yarn through two loops formed on the hook.As a result, you get the so-called "pico with a column without nakida."
neprovyazannym Leave the required number of columns (for example, 3-4) on the edge of the tied product.Usually, this number is indicated in the manuals for specific models of knitting.
Enter a hook in the handle of the next column (for example, in the fourth or fifth from the bottom of the first linked node).Then knit a new triangle pico.
Try to bind the pattern "pico with no polustolbikom nakida."To do this, you must also start with three stitches, then hook should enter the base of the chain - the first aerial loop.
Perform one nakida, and then drag the working thread through both loops on the hook - you will polustolbik simple.
more complex pattern of three triangles is called pico "shamrock."One finished decorative element resembles a small bouquet of leaves towards the top, left and right.For its implementation needs to be done with just three pico polustolbikom without nakida.
then hook should enter into a loop that covers the first triangle.Make nakida and pull the thread in a couple of loops on the hook.Carefully (without too much tension!) Tighten the "Shamrock" to three pico gathered into a single element of the decor.