you need
  • - cotton threads
  • «Iris," "snowflake", "poppy";
  • - hook №1,5 or 2, depending on the thickness of the thread;
  • - patterns;
  • - zip - button, hook or plastic buckle;
  • - regulators for straps;
  • - rubber thread;
  • - piece knitwear matching thread.
Production start with a set of linen shirts.It is not much different from the shirts-the-top, so the problems should arise.Shirts can be connected even without a pattern.Determine its width.To do this you need to measure the circumference of the chest and hips.For the product sufficiently free-form measurement is taken that which is greater.This is usually hip circumference.Only in cases where the breasts are very large, the basis of a chest.In this case, you nee
d half the measurements as when sewing, and complete.
make calculations without nakida bars and openwork knit.Link chain of the required number of hinges and lock it in a circle.The first few rows knit in a circle, making the beginning of each series 2 air loop on the rise.Follow openwork rim.This could be, for example, the grid on which will embroidery.1 column with nakida knit in a column of the previous row, then make the air loop and miss one column, the next column with nakida again tie in a column of the previous row.Thus alternate loop until the end of the series.Tie 5-6 grid of rows and columns again go on without nakida.
Bind columns without nakida up to his armpits.You can make one at the waist number grid to further insert to the waist.Dovyazav to armhole, again go to the net and tie it 5-6 series.Complete shirt with two or three rows of simple columns and rows knit the last couple of rubber thread.
Schedule space for straps.They can be linked, for example, the braid.Type in a chain of 6 loops, tie the first row of a column in a column made in the beginning of the series 2 loops on the rise.Then, at the beginning of each row 6 knit stitches.Columns should be everywhere on the straps 6. Make the desired length and attach them to the intended point of shirts.Decorate by embroidery or applique on the grid.Because it is linen, the embroidery should be soft.
to bra and panties you need a pattern.It can be taken from any fashion magazine.If there is nothing suitable journals, thrust at the seams of your pants and bra and draw them on graph paper or poster paper.Seam does not need, so that the contour tracing is strictly parts themselves.Pattern you will need in the future.
Panties start knit top.The first few rows, do the rubber band.You can knit and once from cotton yarn and rubber tie after.The most appropriate binding - without nakida bars.Adds loop on each side should be started immediately.Before the last loop and after the initial chain to lift provyazyvayte 2 column one.Do not forget to try the work of the pattern.Panties better to make two parts - front and back.
To make cut-outs for the legs, not dovyazyvayte in each row of a certain number of loops.It depends on the style.For example, the front of the start number in the usual way, knit portion of the sidewall and the middle, and then turn the job, do 2 loops on the rise and more knit only the middle portion.In the first and second rows need not dovyazyvat loops 15-20 in the following - 2-3, depending on the pattern.The recesses for the feet at the back will be somewhat less than at the front.
Sides front and rear can be connected grid, only columns must be the same height as the core.Decorate cowards same can be embroidered on the grid as the shirt.Tie-cut legs rubber thread.Carve thin knitted rectangle 6-8 centimeters in length and width equal to the distance between the legs.Make of it gore and sew it to the back of the shorts.
bra cups to start knitting.Type in a chain of 5 stitches, close it in the ring and knit 10 columns inside the ring.Then knit simple columns, uniformly adding a loop to have turned the cup.The amount of added columns to determine experimentally.
straps and drawstring tie braid as straps shirt.You can make them authentic and secure at the desired height controls.To the ties sew a button or a plastic buckle.Bra swimsuit can be left without a fastener, making a longer braid on both sides.