Tip 1: How to tie a neck

Gently related neck - perhaps the most important thing in knitting sweaters.How to tie a neck, tell this instruction.
you need
  • - yarn
  • - spokes
  • - needle
number of loops to be closed for vyvyazyvaniya mouth, usually specified in the scheme of knitting.However, the edge was smooth, not step, you need to close the loop as follows: 1 row hinges extend through each other.In the 2nd and subsequent rows of the first loop need not provyazyvat and remove as in knitting purl.Then the second loop of knit and pull through it removed the noose.
edge of the neck divided into sections 10 cm in length and each dial the number of loops depending on the density of knitting (ie as long as necessary in order to bind the selected pattern 10cm), plus 3-4 loop.Knitting Bakey gum 2x2 (2 facial, backstitches 2) the number of loops must be divisible by 4.
Assign Bakey double-width, closed loop free.The thread is cut, leaving the end of a length equal to triple the length of the neck
edge.Bakey folded in half by removing the inside and pin.Closed edge Bakey sew to the edge of the neck.

Tip 2: How to knit neck sweater

Many experienced knitters know that knitting neck sweater needed depending on the model.Also it depends on the selected knitting yarn, devices like a hook or the spokes, form the neck of the selected pattern and the desired throat height.
How to Knit neck sweater
you need
  • - tape meter
  • - spokes (standard or circular)
Knitting wide neck with a scoop neck or low-cut littlesquare shape and knitting sweaters : - using a tape meter carefully measure the circumference of the neck;
- the spokes enter the required number of loops that make up the circumference measurement.Remember that stretch knit loop, so that after vyvyazyvaniya check that the two rows and the resulting required length;
- single or double elastic hosiery or knit cloth tape height of 2-3 cm at will;
- gently close the last series of facial loops, not much pulling loop;
- mark neck so that its edges butt was clearly behind the back of the product;
- neatly sew the same thread related to neck sweater so that the last series was closed out beautiful facial loops.
high neck Knit "by the throat": knitting a high neck, you can use a previous recommendation by changing the height of a neck connected to the web.To get a beautiful wrapped neck, you need to measure the height of the neck and tie the fabric twice as high.
Another way to knit high neck - on circular needles - of the neck halves sewn products enter the required number of loops.It can be calculated by falling on the neck series or pre-measured length of the neck;
- single or double elastic hosiery cloth or tie the required number of rows, but not less than the height of the throat;
- gently close the loop of the last series of facial loops, without pulling them tightly.
Perhaps neck knit sweater have several times to pick up the most beautiful option.For best effect, try both options knitting.
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