Make pencil sketch drawing.Mark the outline of the face and the location of the nose and lips.Determine the level at which the eyes are , and their size.Divide the vertical axis of the head.Check her three equal segments.The second of these is bisected by a horizontal axis and extend the entire width of the face - eyes will be on her.
Short serif limit the length of each eye - it is 4.5 times smaller than the width of the face.The distance between the eyes made equal to the length of the eye .Since the human person asymmetrically distorted and mimic, the shape of each eye create individually.Right eye person in the photo blinked,
its height is equal to half the length.
Draw round iris, slightly veiled by the upper eyelid.Pupil diameter is 2 times lower.Ask shape eyes .From the outer corner to the center of the lower eyelid arched closer to the inner corner is pulled in a straight line.Bend the upper eyelid make smoother.
Draw left eye.It is disclosed in 0.5 times wider than the right.As the man looks, her head tilted slightly forward, the iris to move the figure a little bit up.It is covered by the upper eyelid, and does not touch the bottom.
Paint watercolor painting.Consider the features of the lighting faces - thanks to his eye shades will vary.The right side is illuminated stronger, so eyes look brighter.Mix in a palette of blue and gray colors, dilute the result until very light, translucent colors.Apply it to the entire surface of the iris, then mix the same, but a little darker for the left half of the same eye .Add a little color to light green and fine brush, tap the right side of the iris at its lower border.Add the brown-green rim of the outer circle.Around the pupil apply the mixture of gray and warm brown.Please note that this band diverges from the center of the eye «rays."A mixture of black and brown paint over the pupil, leaving the highlight.When the first layer of color dries zatoniruyte flare light gray.
left eye is in shadow, so it needs to paint a more cold and saturated hues.Shape drawing and basic colors using the same.Only increases the number of colors in the mix and reduces the presence of blue green.Blick in this eye is more marked.
whites of the eyes, despite the name, can not be left white.At the outer corners make them gray and ocher, while the domestic - with the addition of the solid.Around the iris using light-blue tint.Distribution of warm and cool colors in this step is the same pattern as in the coloring of the iris of eyes.