you need
  • sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, materials for work in color.
First, choose - you will only draw or a berry bush with leaves and flowers.For one piece of fruit can be placed arbitrarily in the image Bush is better positioned vertically sheet.With a simple pen light strokes start drawing a sketch.Consider the case of the image of the whole plant, and then in particular berries.
To begin, draw the stems strawberries, couple of pieces would be enough, extending from a base.From him, the bottom of the "bouquet" mark the three sheets, fused together.Each piece spend a middle line - this will be his veins.At the top of each stem draw some stems of medium length - they will be located berries.Just draw a few short stalks on which the flowers are placed strawberri
es.Note that the flowers are arranged close to each other on opposite sides of the main stem.
Draw leaves of strawberries - their margin slightly jagged, schedule a few minor veins extending from the center, on each piece of paper.Gently pencil mark the small flowers of strawberry.They look like small daisies - core with five to eight petals.
Proceed to figure berries.Strawberries in shape resembles a triangle with highly rounded corners.So initially it's best to start drawing with geometric shapes.At the end of the stem to draw a small triangle.At its inception, growing from the stem, schedule sepal - a few petals, pressed to the berry.Then, round off the corners of a triangle.The shape of strawberries, apply a small dashes and dots so you label it is grains.These dashes are many and they cover the entire area of ​​the berries.
Select materials to work in color.You can work and colored pencils, and paint and markers and mixed media.Started with a background that can make one color - pale blue, pale yellow, and so on.Then apply the color to the stems and leaves.Then enjoy a flowers (petals of strawberries make a bluish) and berries.The ripe berries - the darker it will look like a palette of colors from bright orange berries in small to maroon at large.Yellow highlight glare on the plant.