you need
  • - Whatman;
  • - colored pencils;
  • - paint;
  • - brushes;
  • - sponge;
  • - a toothbrush and a comb;
  • - templates and stencils.
to the wall newspaper stood a bright spot on a wall, you will need to make the background color."Romance" issues complete your wet watercolor style sheet.Whatman Moisten with water using a clean sponge.Push the corners to wrap the sheet.Dip the brush in water and type paint.Hold the line and place a point.On wet sheet formed bizarre divorce.Change paint to color smoothly into one another.
can find use old colored pencils.Take the lead of a pencil and rub it on the bar for sharpening knives.You will
have a color powder, carefully collect it and pour into clean jars or empty offices in the palette.Dip cotton pads or balls in this powder and rub in a circular motion paper.Combine the color spots as you see fit.
to create a background for the next wall newspapers, you will need a toothbrush and a plastic comb.Mix with water watercolor in a separate jar, soak in a solution (saturated colors) toothbrush.Spend on the teeth of a comb bristles to paint sprayed across the sheet of paper.Before applying another layer of the previous dry.
If your disposal is only colored pencils can be issued under the canvas background.But this technique is suitable only enough tissue paper.Take a piece of fabric with a pronounced texture (burlap, matting) and put it under the sheet.Color pencil strokes on paper to show the structure.Use similar colors to achieve a more natural, such as blue and blue or brown and beige.
Buy a set of stencils to quickly draw a lot of flowers, hearts or stars, which can be painted different colors.Use different figures, silhouettes and children's toys to make the original design of the wall newspaper.You can cut out the desired shape and cardboard.Hold the model on a sheet of paper so that it is not moved.Around her cotton ball rub colored powder or sprinkle thickly paint toothbrush.You will have a white figure with colored clouds around it.
Try to make your stamps and seals of the potatoes.Cut tuber in half and cut out these parts of any shape.Dip a homemade printing gouache and apply to the wall newspaper.Paint colors can be mixed.
Using these techniques, you can quickly and beautifully arrange the release of all of your favorite colleagues sheet.