Tip 1: How to polish marble

Although natural strength, eventually marble loses its luster, dull and covered with a network of microcracks.Marble needs special care and careful polishing to preserve its original beauty.Polishing at home is quite complicated and time-consuming process.
you need
  • Paraffin, sandpaper different numbers, wheels, soft cloth, sand, pumice containing wax means to care for stone.
Significant damage (chips, cracks, deep scratches) fix yourself fail.Materials available to the layman can only add luster marble y and remove minor defects.For polishing you can not use products containing any acids: they destroy the structure of the stone, eventually leading to breakage.Wax and lakosoderzhaschie funds will not harm stone.Some damage to marble surfaces are difficult to eliminate without prior grinding.
Uneven nye marble surface with visible differences at first grinded coarse abrasives such as grinding wheels and bars.Wheels are attached to a special drill.Fine sand and pumice
can also be used for grinding.To marble shone and looked perfectly flat, grinding using multiple numbers of abrasives.To make the stone monolith species is necessary to remove a significant layer of material (not less than 3 mm).Small items can be sanded with fine sandpaper.
After polishing, helps to eliminate the shallow potholes, cracks and scratches, marble must be protected against external influences by means of polishing, which will give have marble shine.To do this, use the special tools on the basis of wax, they fill the microcracks and protect against water, dirt, food dyes and other destructive veschestv.Provesti polishing can be erased using a mixture of fine iron oxide and sulfur;after application of the powder, rub the surface with a piece of skin to shine.Sprinkle marble paraffin and rubbed it dry soft canvas, you also will attach his luster and protect from harmful influences.

Tip 2: How to polish marble

Polished marble surface looks very elegant and can adorn any home or public spaces.She is not only beautiful, but also very practical and durable.To get a perfectly smooth surface, it is necessary to polish marble, observing the sequence.
How to polish marble
you need
  • - polisher or grinder;
  • - abrasives different numbers;
  • - drill with a special nozzle;
  • - crystallizer;
  • - two-component adhesive.
If the marble surface is not very smooth, there are potholes and differences in elevation, carry out preliminary leveling grind.To do this, treat it with coarse abrasives.Floor polish special machine for grinding and polishing floors, and small surface such as a table or stand - with sand drill nozzle.Small and irregular marble products, such as figurines, line by hand using sandpaper.
If you need a polished marble floor, shoot at least 3 mm of material, then the floor will look like a monolith without borders tile (if it allows the thickness).
In order to seal the chips and damage to the marble surface, use two-component adhesive.Pick its color and transparency.A modern selection of colors allows you to find the glue that is indistinguishable from natural inclusions.
If you need to polish the marble with a complex structure, lots of inclusions, with veins and pores also use glue.Note that when grinding the top layer of the stone is removed, and without strengthening the liquid adhesive to reach the normal result is simply impossible.
Make polishing marble sequentially numbered several abrasives.This will leave more minor scratches, and get absolutely smooth and smooth matte surface.
To give luster marble, spend a few rooms of fine polishing abrasives, each time using a less rough.
perfectly smooth shiny marble surface can be given by means of crystallization.To do this, cover it with the finest protective layer of another chemical composition.After that, well, wash the floor, to avoid the appearance of dull spots (as the mold contains a weak acid).
to the marble floor for a long time to please you, protect it by special trains to the polished floor, and they may further have the effect tinted, highlight color, create the effect of wet stone.
Grinding and polishing of marble in the home can lead to significant damage to the marble surfaces and costly repairs.When you are deep cracks or damage, consult an expert.Properly conducted independent repair marble surfaces can cause destruction of the stone, which will lead to much greater costs than the cost of professional services.
Helpful Hint
Marble floor near the front door, carpeted, do not go on it in the shoe.

Many household products are not suitable for the care of marble, use only specially designed for natural stone tools.