you need
  • - wire for springs, brand PC, OBC or 65G with a diameter of 2 mm;
  • - duralumin tube, an inner diameter of 13 mm;
  • - plate made of nylon, aluminum, beech, oak, vinyl plastic, 10 mm thick;
  • - bars 7-8 mm stainless steel;
  • - lathe;
  • - furnace for heat treatment;
  • - Drill;
  • - vices;
  • - jigsaw.
Start with the most important parts - the spring.Naveyte it on a lathe, perform heat treatment in an oven, apply a corrosion-resistant coating.If possible, make all this work to specialists.The length of the spring make such that it exceeds the length of the barrel to 250-300 mm.Even after shrinking it should be more than 100-200 mm to harpoon when fired receive more energy.The diameter of the coils make 12 mm, and the distance therebetween is 5 mm.
To make the barrel, take duralumin ski pole.The most comfortable barrel length - 600-750 mm.Cut both ends and cut the thread under the sear notch in length from 150 to 170 mm (for adjusting the strength of battle).For a quick release of water from the trunk make a few holes.
carved from duralumin cap and muzzle.Drill a hole in the plug to be inserted into a harpoon.
To make the handle, grab two plates and clamp them in a vice.Drill directly on both sides of the hole equal to the diameter of the barrel, and then cut out the contours of the handle.Under the trigger in each half by means of the cutter or file to make a sample of 3.5 mm.
Drill holes for fasteners and spring-loaded, sear axis and fuse.Connect the two halves of the handle on the trunk, push screws.That she did not slide, lock her front thrust ring.
Make a trigger: trigger, sear, strings and fuse.Sear necessarily hardened.Once all the parts are ready to handle, assemble and fix it.
fabricate stainless steel harpoon on it should slide sleeve.Lin to secure the sliding sleeve.It absorbs fluoroplastic ring and rests on the shank that fixes the harpoon.Tip sharpened under 3 or 4 sharp edges.
Leskosbrasyvatel cut of steel strips and attach the screws to the plug stem.During winding Lay Lin under the plate and tie it to the front sights.When you shoot, Lin would pull out of the plate and unwound.
Check the homemade underwater guns.Insert a harpoon and tighten the spring so that there was a fixation with the sear (until it clicks).Click the trigger, and the sear should fall into the recess, the spring unclench and spear - with the power to fly.