you need
  • - clay sculpture;
  • - gypsum powder;
  • - board;
  • - copper foil;
  • - small bristle brush;
  • - copper mesh;
  • - scalpel or a sharp knife;
  • - furniture polish.
Sculpt start with the production of the sculptural sketch.It is a sculpture that you have conceived, made in plasticine.Plasticine for this purpose, better to take the sculpture, monochrome.You can, of course, the sculpt, and the children's plasticine, but many colors will distract from the perception of form.Sculpt need on the board, a little more than the future of the product.Performing plasticine sketch allows you to adjust the shape of the product and to correct erro
rs and omissions, if they suddenly appear.
Make a plaster mold.If the product is simple, the mold may consist of only two parts.To come up with a more complicated version of the sculpture division into 3-4 parts.Schedule the sculpture sketch the parting line by pressing in on them little pieces of thin copper foil.
Spread gypsum to the consistency of liquid sour cream.The mass should be homogeneous, without clots.Apply the first coat of plaster brush him to get even.Allow the plaster to dry and apply a second coat.With figures of small size so proceed until the moment when the layer of gypsum will not be strong enough.If you're doing something big, the shape of the metal fittings must be strengthened.It is a copper mesh, which is placed after 2-3 layers.
After the last layer is applied, give shape to dry for approximately half an hour.Carefully remove it from the sketch.Trim with a sharp knife the possible flaws.If necessary, clean the fine sandpaper, but it should be done very carefully.Leave finally dried form.It must be hard and a little ring with gentle tapping.Coat the inner surface of the furniture polish and dry.
If the product is large and shape consists of several parts, prior to casting of the sculpture itself to assemble.Tie them with copper wire to prevent movement.Joints pour plaster and give shape dosohnut.
Spread gypsum to the same condition as in the first time.Pour it into the form.As part of its internal varnished, do not fear that a new layer of plaster stick to those that are already there.Wait until dry and clear form.If you need several copies of the product, remove the form very carefully, trying not to damage it.Sculptural sketch is not to destroy all copies of the manufacturing.