To find out how much you need eyelets, do the calculation.There should be an even number, that the side edges of the curtains were sent to the window.If you place an odd number, then the edge will look in different directions.The distance between the centers of the rings must be less than 22 cm and not less than 15 cm, the optimum - 18 cm. Then fold will be smooth and beautiful.

number of eyelets is equal to the width of the finished curtains minus the two distances from the center to the first lateral edge of grommet curtains, divided by 18. Add the value to the resulting unit.

For example: you have a curtain width of 3 meters.The outer ring diameter of 75 mm.Hem the edges of the side curtains of 2.2 cm. The calculat
ion is this: (300 cm - 2 x 6.3 cm): 18 cm + 1 = 16.9 pc.But the number of eyelets must be even, so round up to 16 or up to 18. If you take the 16 items, the distance between their centers will: (300 cm - 2 x 6.3 cm): (16 - 1) = 19.6 cm,if 18, then (300 cm - 2 x 6.3 cm) (18 - 1) = 16.9 cm. Note that the greater the distance, the larger will be the fold.
eyelets need to install a backup material to the top of the curtains to make a thick, then fold will be clearly marked, and the top fabric will not sag.This can be used, or a special tape dublerin, but the width of the tape should be slightly wider than the outer diameter of the rings.
to the fabric in such fixtures looked beautiful, calculate the coefficient of draperies.If the eaves draped curtains, a 1-meter, in the expanded state of its width should be 2 - 2.5 meters.
Calculate the required height.Let's say you need to sew curtains height of 250 cm, to the height of a double hem add a eyelets, get 280-290 cm.
All you need you have purchased.Prepare the iron, a pencil or chalk, scissors or a special punch (they cut out holes for the eyelets).Set the rings to the finished curtain.Top curtains seal the special lyuversnoy tape according to the scheme.Insert the tape into the fold and iron iron.She pasted.
How to sew eyelets
Stitch the bottom edge of the bend.Schedule chalk the place where the eyelets will be installed.Circle the inner diameter of the rings and cut openings.Note the edge of the hole should be completely hidden inside the mount if openings will have more, the item can not be installed.

holes should be the same in all layers of fabric.Set the ring, pushing on both sides until it clicks.