you need
  • - woolen yarn of medium thickness;
  • - acrylic thin yarn;
  • - 5 stocking spokes (№№2,5 and 3.5);
  • - 2 straight needles №2 or 2.5;
  • - darning needle;
  • - hook.
try contacting comfortable hat for a newborn: from the rim of gum round shape, with ears and strings.Start with the calculation of the rim line: remove the yardstick baby head circumference above the line of his eyebrows and the convex part of the back of the head.Add 1 cm to freedom of customized fit - make sure that the product is a thick, double.As an example, use the finished knitted cap "on the head" of the child - in the
process it will help you to make the necessary fitting.
Tie knitting pattern and calculate its density.So you figure out the required number of loops that need to dial.Dialed loop divided into 4 hosiery needles and make a circular rows of gum 1x1 (one face constantly alternate with a purl loops).You should have about 6-8 cm of elastic fabric (this is the future Hem double bottom strap).
Continue to work on children's hat selected relief or multi-color pattern, or simply do stocking st (in each circular row vyvyazyvayut alone facial loops).At the end of gum go to the spokes of a larger size (for example, on №2,5 №3,5).
Measure the nedovyazanny headdress cap on the baby or sample to adjust the required height of the product.To round off the tip of the hat gently (rather than going to large assemblies), at a distance of 8 cm from the top gradually begin subtraction of loops.To reduce the canvas on a loop, you need to knit together two neighboring filament bow.Perform decremented at regular intervals in each second circumferential row at a time shortening is not more than 8 loops.
When dovyazhite cap to the desired height, then close the remaining sts and tighten them with a thread.Cut off the tail drag with a hook on the underside of the product.Before you - the upper part of winter hats for newborns.
Remove the outer part of the product inside out and starts the inner cap.For convenience, it is recommended to switch to straight spokes, and then perform the connecting knit stitch.
Dial loop from the wrong side of the external headdress on the last row of planks-gum.Yarns for inner cap to be thinner than the outside.Good to take children acrylic - it is elastic and pleasant to wear.The number of loops must be dialed for a couple less than they were when the face of the dual product.
Tie the bottom cap direct and inverse series embroidery front (in the facial ranks - face loops in backstitches - purl).As an example, use the upper part.Finish the job of 2.5-3 cm from the top and carefully sew the open loop to the web outer part.Sew ready-lined cap.
On the inside of the product type hinge tabs for the desired width and tie them up to about 3 cm in height, formed the main working yarn in two layers.To round out every detail on each side of every second row do subtraction.All you have to subtract 8 times around the loop thus:

- make an edge loop;
- remove a loop as if it was the front;
- follow-through front loop pull shot.
you have to do the final touches, and a children's knitted cap ready.Fold llanku elastic half, wrap it into the product neat stitches and sew the thread of the same color.At the ends of the lugs make strings - they can crochet chain from the air and one of a number of simple bars.And you can hook vdet beams soft acrylic yarn and braid them into thin braids.Make knots, and then align the ends of the thread.